• Q: How much does it cost to join Archability?
  • Q: Can anybody register on Archability?
  • Q: Can I change my username?
  • Q: How does Archability make money?
  • Q: Are there different Contractor memberships or subscriptions?
  • Q: How do I verify my credentials?

Placing a Bid:

  • Q: What kind of Clients are here?
  • Q: How credible is the Client?
  • Q: Is there more to bidding than price?
  • Q: I am interested in this project, but the Client's budget is unrealistic

Getting Hired:

  • Q: How do I win a project?
  • Q: How long does it take to get a project?
  • Q: What if I have questions prior to bidding?
  • Q: What are Sealed proposals?


  • Q: I was awarded the project! Now what?
  • Q: What are Terms?
  • Q: How to communicate with your Client
  • Q: Are there file size restrictions?
  • Q: What file types can I upload?
  • Q: How does Archability protect intellectual property (IP)?
  • Q: How do I cancel a project?

Getting Paid:

  • Q: How to get paid by your Client
  • Q: Are there any Service Fees?
  • Q: How to withdraw your earnings
  • Q: What about taxes?


  • Q: Is it possible to get feedback removed or reset?
  • Q: Should I rate my Client?


  • Q: What if there's a Dispute?
  • Q: Do I have any recourse if the Client does not pay?